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As July 2014, considering that Windows XP is gone, I decided to stop selling Mask. Even this site will disappear any day.

It was good times, I miss that. but it´s time to move to new things.

You may contact me at: marceloragone - at - gmail - dot - com.



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Hi, I am Marcelo Ragone and this is the information I was able to get about my scanner.

This scanner was presented on June 17 of 1997, and was the only scanner Olympus ever made.


debug mode

On the old v1.2x drivers, there is a back door Olympus left on the software to let its guys

play with the internal data of the scanner. Notice that not only there is absolutely

no instruction on how to touch this data but also that doing so may damage your scanner.

For instance, you may alter the internal parameters or firmware of the scanner in

such a way that it will never communicate again.

How to open this back door: There should be an "OLYMPUS.INI" file on your

system directory, open it and copy "DEBUG=1" at the end of the "[ES-10]" section.

Then, reopen the scanner controller and you will find new items on the Options menu.


recommended links

Olympus Japan official film scanner driver page

In Japanese; but it is the only remaining official site about this scanner I am aware of.

Steve Beet Olympus ES-10 film scanner web site the best report about this scanner
Lionel (?) web site disassembling the poor scanner
Leo Bodnar web site converting the scanner for medium format
Imaging Resource review a complete basic review
Olympus ES-10 yahoo group the new born group about this scanner
Occidental Collage own equipment how to basic first time instructions
Darren Kelly web site making the ES10S (SCSI) work in Windows XP



These are photographic scans from the original paper manuals I have.

To be honest, nothing quite interesting here.

Olympus ES-10 film scanner parallel version operation manual.pdf
Olympus LAB-10 retouch software instruction manual.pdf



According to Leo Bodnar, this Olympus scanner uses a Sony CCD sensor ILX522K.

You can get the specifications here.



These are the drivers I was able to find over the net. If you have another one, please let me know.

They are for windows 95 - 98, and (maybe) for Me and the older 3.11. None of these work on NT, 2000 or XP.

Parallel version only, but you may find some SCSI and MAC version at the Olympus Japan site.

Notice that all the original installers replace your twain libraries for some very old ones.

To install run the installer or decompress the file (zip compressed) and run setup.exe.


this is the oldest I found; notice that you have to install it from the root.

v1.21 after executing, find the temp folder on the root and go on from there



the last v1.xx, surprisingly newer than 2.02. Suggested for Windows Me at Olympus Japan site (here).


the first v2.xx. (I got this from the original cd)

v2.02 (recommended) this is the last Olympus ever made. The original one got some installation problems so I repacked it inside a modern installer. (it solves both this particular problem and twain libraries installation. Doesn't include japanese version nor LAB-10).

unofficial homemade driver by Valeriy Mikheew (or Mikheev); some source code is included.

PM2SPM unofficial homemade program by Steve Beet to change film parameters.


Windows 2000 - XP driver

It may work in Windows Vista, but after many authorizations via the User Account Control.

It doesn't work with the APS adapter.

Please test the trial version first.

Mask v0.80 trial

this is Mask; a program I made that allows you to use the Olympus ES-10 film scanner parallel version under NT systems, like Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Note that this is a complete unofficial and independent work.

Trial version will stop working on 30 days.

Registered version is not available anymore.



no parallel port

Some new computers are coming without a parallel port. So, now what?

USB to Parallel port adapter Quick answer, no.

Everything I know about these adapters is that they work at high level, suitable for a modern printer, but not for this scanner. I think a low level driver is feasible, but I haven't seen one yet. (reference)


ISA Parallel port card Quick answer, no.

While most of them are perfect there is generally no ISA slot on a new PCs.


PCI Parallel port card Quick answer, only if it is low level

There are two kinds of PCI Parallel port cards:

Most of them work at high level so they are not suitable for this scanner. They map the parallel port to a non-standard memory address.

But others, which work at low level, may map the parallel port to one of the common or legacy memory addresses like 0378h. These should be OK.



Any comment is welcomed.

August 2014